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Here at Moonrise Hill Farm, we are striving to breed quality Mini Nubian goats, which are known for their loving personality, great milk production and—of course—beautiful, long ears! Mini Nubians have very creamy and sweet milk. We also test our goats for any diseases annually. Whether you are looking to add some future milkers to your herd or are looking for a loving forever pet, we have it. If you are interested in buying a goat or two, please fill out our goat questionnaire.

By: Taeya


Our Farm Story…

It all started when my older sister and I wanted goats for my birthday….Well, technically it started way before that. We just didn’t know it at the time. So, it actually started when my sister and I got chicks for Christmas when we were very young. Anyway, fast forward years later, we’re now living in a farm-friendly neighborhood where we have more room for trees, chickens, and our dogs. A few years later, my sister and I wanted miniature goats for my birthday. So after, oh….a couple days of negotiating, we managed to convince our parents to get two goats. But then, after researching about goats some more, we asked for three since goats are herd animals. But our parents said “Just two.” Yeah….well that didn’t stick. So we started looking for goats online, and I eventually found a F1 Mini Nubian that I liked. And—believe it or not—that slowly grew to seven goats: a buck, a wether, and five does. And I know what you’re thinking: “How in the world did it get from two to seven!?” Well, it’s a long story, but it involves wanting to get fresh goat’s milk, realizing that we wanted and needed good milking lines, and finally realizing that it’s better to have our own buck. So, then came the hard, but fun, task of building! A barn here. A milking house there. Another expansion…. All part of the farm experience! Well, that is if you’re as crazy about goats as we are.;)

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Welcome to Moonrise Hill Farm!

We are a hobby farm located in Southern California with a passion for raising goats and chickens. For us, pets are our family, so we do our best to only use quality feeds and natural remedies. We spend lots of time with our (goat)kids for friendly, trusting behaviors. They are raised here and weaned at 10-12 weeks for strong, healthy kids. Our goats are registered with MDGA and some with TMGR. If you have questions or would like to reserve any goats, feel free to contact us!