M&D Ranch Eros

F5 Mini Nubian Buckling

Description: Black with roaning, moonspots, frosted ears & nose; blue eyes; polled.

Date of Birth: 2/26/22

Sire: Mini Love Farm Honky Tonk Blues MW *B

S Sire: W4's Small Fortune's Milky Way *B

S Dam: Cedar Creek Midnight Skye 3*P

Dam: Pilchuck Pointe Pixie Dust

D Sire: Lucky DISE Goose

D Dam: Pilchuck Pointe Kracken*


Prancing Pony Zephyr

F6 Purebred Mini Nubian Buckling

Description: Black and cream buckskin, partial white belt, white on poll, random white; frosted ears and nose.

Date of Birth: 2/15/22

Sire: Newman Lake GGTG Crème’s Nicolas *B

S Sire: Green Gables Tough Guy *B

S Dam: Green Gables Créme della Créme 4*P

Dam: Prancing Pony Artemis

D Sire: Blackberry’s BMM LA Chargers

D Dam: Jardine Meadows Jessie


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