Feeding and Caring for Our Goats…

Our goats are fed  alfalfa and/or orchard grass along with free-choice Crafts-min mineral, daily.  Crafts-min does contain organic kelp, but we also supplement them with some extra kelp a few days a week for optimal health and strong immunity. Occasionally, we will also give flaxseed to our does to help with shiny, healthy coats and they love it!   

Only our milkers or any underweight goats get a mix of whole oats and barley or four-way. We never give any grain to our buck or wether because they can get Urinary Calculi from the  grain since it is high in phosphorus and we just haven’t found a need to feed them any .  

Our pregnant does are especially pampered.😉  They get additional vitamins and minerals  in the source of Herbamins by Land of Havilah herbals (in powder or extract form) that also contains copper and selenium herbs.  KopSel by Fir Meadows works well to specifically support copper and selenium deficiency in goats, and we have had great results with it. 

We use herbal dewormers since it isn’t so hard on the animal’s bodies compared to chemical dewormers, and they can’t become immune to the herbs either, which is a big plus. We’ve used dewormers from both Land of Havilah and Fir Meadows, and they’ve both worked very well. Here is an informative article by Weed’em and Reap if you need more convincing or just want to read more about natural dewormers.


Recommended Books:

- Natural Goat Care by Pat Coleby

- Holistic Goat Care by Gianaclis Caldwell


 Helpful Resources:

Grassfarmersupply.com (Crafts-min mineral and more)

Caprinesupply.com (goat supply)

Premier 1 (farm equipment and more)

Jefferspet (all your livestock supply needs)

Pbsanimalhealthsupply.com (all your livestock supply needs)

Valleyvet.com (livestock supply needs)

Landofhavilahfarm.com (deworming herbs and more)

Firmeadowllc.com (deworming herbs and more)


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Helpful Books, Resources and More…

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