Goat Questionnaire

If you are interested in buying any goats that are available now or in a future kidding season, please fill out this questionnaire. This questionnaire will have to be submitted before you make a reservation for your goat(s). By filling out this questionnaire, it will help us to know what you are looking for in your goat(s) and to what purpose so that we can help choose what goat(s) would be best for you! (If you are new to goats) 

It will also give us the contact info that we’ll need to fill out the registration paperwork for your new goat(s).  

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How did you hear about us? *

For what purpose do you want goats? Choose all that apply. *

What gender of goats are you looking for? Choose all that apply. *

Feel free to describe what you are looking for such as colors, specific traits, etc.  This will help us to see what you are looking for.

Letter/number of the goat(s) you are interested in, if interested in one of the kids listed on our website.


Do you currently have goats? *

Are you allowed to have goats where you live? Please find out before making a deposit. *

Do you have a veterinarian in your area that treats goats? We recommend that you find one before you get any goats because there are many vets that don’t treat goats. *

Have you researched goat care, what they eat, illnesses they're prone to, etc? *

Do you live in an area that has predators? If so, what is your plan for keeping your goats safe? (Even unfriendly neighborhood dogs can be a threat.) Check all that apply *

If you chose “Other,” what is your plan? *

Do you have an outdoor fenced area and shelter protected from wind, rain, snow etc. for goats? *

Feel free to add anything that you think we should know! 

— Terms of Sale and Policies Agreement —

If you wish to purchase a goat from us, you must agree to the following terms and policies below. Please understand that if you do not agree to all of the terms and policies, we cannot sell you any goats.  

Do you understand that if you plan to ship or transport your goats that all costs and arrangments will be your responsibility and that if transportation can’t be arranged that your reservation deposit will not be refunded? *

Do you acknowledge that all reservation fees are non-refundable, but may be transferred to the next available season if you change your mind about your chosen animal? *

Do you acknowledge that deposits are gender specific, but we can't guarantee choices based on color, eye color, generations, specific pairings, etc? *

Do you acknowledge that we do our best to keep our goats as healthy as possible before they go to a new home but they can still develop parasite problems, coccidiosis, scours, etc. from the stressful move and a new environment? Furthermore, do you understand that it is your responsibility as a buyer to thoroughly inspect your goats before taking them home, and that if you take them you are acknowledging that you are satisfied with their condition, and that we, Moonrise Hill Farm, will not be responsible for any illness or injury after they leave here? *

By typing your full name here, you are agreeing to everything said in the terms of sales and policies and in the goat questionnaire.*

Before clicking the submit button, please be sure that you answered all of the required fields marked (*) or the questionnaire can’t be sent.

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